Kapucia Presents: Meet Your Guardian Angel

31st October 18:30 – 19:30

Everyone has guardian angels, they look out for you and support your life from behind the scenes.

You can lift your energy to meet yours and they will help reconnect you to your path and purpose. They have an infinite supply of guidance, love and light to share with you.

Book on to this class to strengthen your connection to the angelic realm and raise your vibrational frequency!

Our guide, Geniene was taught meditation in personal practice with a former buddhist monk and met her Guardian Angel Celeste, in 2014. Since then she was guided into a soul journey in Thailand, India and Bali and is now inspiring others on their own journeys.

Geniene will be guiding us to meet our guardian angel in this special class.

Limited number of spaces.

Energy Exchange is £8
27 Lord Street, L2 9SA United Kingdom Liverpool

The Law of Polarity


Anakin Skywalker: If you’re not with me, then you’re my enemy.

Obi-Wan Kenobi: Only a Sith deals in absolutes.

Why open with dialogue from star wars? In this scene we establish that Anakin has become polarised to such a degree, that he can only see two versions of reality. When Obi-Wan Kenobi  replies “that only a Sith deals in absolutes” he is reminding the antagonist character (Anakin) that absolutes are what drive us to taking an extreme point of view, which can ultimately render us powerless.


The law of polarity is one of seven hermetic principles that are said to govern our universe. One of the easiest ways to understand the law of polarity is to imagine a pole. One side is very hot, the other very cold. Although hot and cold may appear to be opposites, they are in fact extremes of the same thing, (in this case temperature) Sir Isaac Newton revealed that “any action has an equal and opposite reaction; forces come in pairs”

So how does the law of polarity relate to our own lives?

We experience these polarising affects in our everyday lives. In politics, in the media, in business and even amongst our peers.
Problems begin to arise when we swing too far towards either side of this pole. We can start to lose the ability to empathise fully, and in essence (unknowingly in most cases) give our power away to whatever is behind the polarising feud.

In most cases, the only people that benefit from polarisation is the group/idea behind the creation of the pole.
For example, imagine a group decides that all their members must speak a certain accent. The people that do have the particular and wanted accent are happy to participate in the group. The people who do not have the accent become enraged that they are excluded, purely based upon the way in which they speak. People argue, words are thrown around, the row explodes onto social media.

Now think, who benefits from this? Not the polarised individuals, but the group. The group received a ton of exposure and are thrilled that polarising others boosted their own popularity.
The law of polarity can work to our advantage in many respects. It is what allows us to learn and expand in wonderful ways. We experience problems, and then find solutions. This is how amazing invention has taken place, and how great thinkers and scientists have changed the way we understand the world.

However, to live a balanced and harmonious lifestyle, becoming depolarised is key. One can never be fully depolarised in this dualistic and physical reality, but we can take steps to protect ourselves from falling into polarised viewpoints, which may not serve us.


How to know if we are polarised?
• We see a post on the internet we disagree with and reply with our view point straight away
• We become extremely upset if others disagree with us
• We find it hard to communicate our view point’s to someone who has an opposite one
• Feeling an us Vs them vibration throughout our day

Does this mean that in order to become depolarised, we have to start changing who we are and engage with people we dislike? No way! But it does mean that we start to release the frustration that robs us of feeling self-empowered.

How to feel less polarised?
• Breathe. If we feel ourselves beginning to let frustration or even anger take over, we can take deep breaths before we act. We may notice that by focusing on our own energetic circuit, we begin to loosen our grip on the drama that was drawing us in.
• Become the observer. This technique requires some visualisation, but is fairly straight forward. In a conversation that causes us to feel polarised, simply take a step back and imagine that we are viewing this situation from an outside perspective, almost as a movie. Take time to view both sides. If we still feel that our view point, is the view point that we relate to, that is fine! We don’t have to change our opinions, we are just changing the way we either voice them/or receive others’.
• Ask ourselves, why do I care? This may sound like a blasé statement, but it is one that can help us hugely. Sometimes in life there are things we must stand up for and advocate for. Other times it is best to simply ask ourselves why we are letting whatever situation it may be hit a raw nerve.

Here is an example of a fictitious, online polarised conversation in action;
Person A: Well you’re wrong, and what you’re saying is stupid
Person B: I don’t think so, where do you get your information from anyway?
Person A: What is that to you? You need to grow up
Person B: How dare you speak to me like that!

(And on and on and on until someone gets fed up, or gets too upset)

What a depolarised online conversation would look like;
Person A: Well you’re wrong and what you’re saying is stupid
Person B: [Ignores comment and exists scene]

Internet ‘trolls’ in particular pray on polarised individuals for their own ends. As a teenager I learnt the hard way when ‘trolls’ caused me to leave social media, due to bullying.  If I could give my younger-self some advice I would say “Don’t feed the trolls ~ study the law of polarity instead”

We claim back our personal power, by managing and checking in with the way we feel regularly. We give our power away when we live from a reactive state of existence; meaning that how we feel is directly linked to how others’ oppose us.

Opposition exists for the sake of expansion. It does not exist to dim our light, or halt our growth, by keeping us in that opposing state energetically for long periods of time.

Breathe, observe, and release, in order to; grow, learn and reach our highest potential.

Alyssa x

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