Corporate Wellness Experience


Corporate wellness experiences

What to expect from a day at Kapucia

Mental health issues such as anxiety and depression are among the top 5 reasons employees are absent from work.

An active dedication to wellness within the workplace is required in order to keep absenteeism to a minimum, the link between wellness and producitivity is well known.

The east has been embracing alternative therapies and remedies for thousands of years. This knowledge is invaluable to our western lifestyle and way of life.

Our Kapucia team, having been active in the corporate world, have devised a programme to counteract the stresses and strains of life within the demanding world of business.

At our wellness day, attendees will be treated to an array of relaxation treatments and techniques, such as:

* Meditation
* Yoga
* Reiki
* Massage
* Acupuncture
* Pandorastar
* Raw Plant-Based Food Tasters

We are holding a FREE event to introduce these treatments to HR/wellbeing representatives from companies that feel they may benefit from having more relaxed employees.


Kapucia, 27 Lord St, Liverpool L2, UK

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Natasha McKenzie

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Natasha is a beautiful mother and founder/owner of Crafty Occasions Liverpool.

Here is a little bit of her story so far:

I have always had an interest in arts and crafts for as long as I can remember, whenever I go into a store I am always drawn to the stationary/craft section looking for anything pretty and inspiring and I can even remember doing this as a child. When I left school, I became a nursery nurse and continued this career path for 10 years until I had my own children. It was then that I decided I wanted to go to university with the aim on becoming a teacher so that I could be off during the holidays with my children whilst continuing to work with children which I loved. I started university when my children were aged 2 years and 9 months old, during this time we decided to have our youngest christened but we couldn’t afford to buy invitations as my husband was in university too and money was tight. I decided to make my own invitations and found it to be very therapeutic, which really helped me as I was suffering badly with post-natal depression which had continued from the birth of my first child then following the birth of my second and I really wasn’t in a good place at all. After I gave out my daughter’s christening invitations people began to ask me if I would make invitations for them too, I would tell them where to buy everything and I would take on the task of making their invites purely for the therapeutic benefits I got from it.

Around that time Facebook had not long started and so I decided to set up a business page to see how things would go, we needed the extra cash and people told me my work was good…so why not?! Slowly but surely, I started to build a customer base, I was even being booked out by children’s centres to do craft tables on open days or to do some craft work with the young mum’s groups which I loved because I could relate to them so much, especially those suffering with PND, it was so rewarding for me to see them getting something out of each session and really opening up about their feelings.

When I finished university an opportunity arose for a retail unit, so I gave it my all, did some extra training for balloons and opened a shop in Woolton village where I provided everything required for a special occasion from invitations, balloons, banners, venue dressing, gifts, cards and more. However the enjoyment quickly began to drain from what I loved to do, the venue dressing and balloon side of things was taking me away from what little time I had with my family at weekends when customers were having their parties and the stress took its toll on my depression so I decided to close the shop and find a job. After several years of working within children’s services I had another baby who began to show signs of being poorly from around 2 months old so we were in and out of hospitals and clinics and she was diagnosed with a disability, she never slept so I was constantly exhausted and my biggest fear was that with all the pressure and stress…my depression would rear its ugly head. I decided that I wasn’t going to go back to work because I wouldn’t have been able to hold a job down with all the hospital appointments and lack of sleep so I started my crafting again for the therapeutic benefits and it really has helped me.

I threw myself into my business, doing what makes me happy and in turn I make other people happy with my work. My work fits around my family and I feel like I have found my real calling in life. I am having a website built at the moment so that I can sell giftware and stationary for anyone wanting to make their own invitations etc.. Exciting times ahead for Crafty Occasions Liverpool!

Check out Crafty Occasions Facebook HERE

Diane Cannon

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Hello to all the wonderful readers of the Miss Chief new website.

I am so honoured to have been asked to contribute to this amazing new website and without wanting to bore you, I thought it would be a good idea to just give you a little background on me and the reason I am covering as much as I can to do with health & wellbeing and how important it is to look after yourself on the inside as well as the outside.

My name is Di Cannon and I have lived in Liverpool all my life….all 50 years of them. I have had the good fortune of being raised by a very loving family and although I doubt my mum, after having 4 children, was expecting to have another little bundle of joy at the age of 40, she did and here I am to tell the tale.

My parents worked hard all their life and that’s the environment I was raised in.  I left school and started work at the National Girobank 2 weeks before my 17th birthday and having served the company for 25 years, I finally left in 2008 to start my own consultancy business and I have never looked back.

My company helps other businesses grow by getting them ready for finance/funding… before you turn off, I am not going to put you to sleep about double digit growth or Brexit, there is actually a reason I need you to know this as working with so many companies over the years opened my eyes to my passion and that is health & well being. Some of the business owners have looked at me as though I have gone a little mad when I tell them they must create a happier & healthier workplace because ultimately if staff are happy & healthy then they perform at their best….I think we can all relate to that.  I now get the best of everything as my business owners listen and make changes wherever possible to do this so I can put my passion and business together and make a real difference.

Sadly in 2013 I was hit with a personal tragedy when my niece who was re diagnosed with melanoma skin cancer and this vile disease killed her in December 2014 at the young age of 38. Claire was originally diagnosed in early 2000 when her mum spotted a mole on her back that just didn’t look right.  After a number of visits to doctors and finally an oncologist, she was diagnosed with early stages of melanoma.  Back in 2000 I don’t think any of us would know what melanoma was, we certainly didn’t think it was a killer but it was and it is.  Claire had her mole removed and was given the ‘all clear’ 3 years later.  We now sadly know, you never really get the all clear and in 2013 when taking a shower she found a lump under her arm which turned out to be stage four melanoma. The following 12 months went by with chemotherapy, radiation and then finally she was days away from getting on a new melanoma drug trial only to find there was a tumour on her brain.

This photo was taken on her wedding day 2 years before she died.

calire and di